Cross Country report - Aldershot 10 November 2018


26 Chapel Yellows took to the course today enjoying a mix of sunshine and torrential rain!


U11 girls - strong showing from Betsy, Chloe, Laura and Amelia. All pacing well and finishing fast. Well done girls.


U11 boys - Oscar and Oliver double O trouble. Again finished strong, Oscar taking a hard kick to the head after falling over, fair play he got straight back up and sprinted in, well done boys.


U13 girls and boys - Freya and Jake both ran so well, they ran their own race. No advice given, they ran steady first lap and powered home making up several places. Good pacing you 2, well done, looked!


U15 boys - More worried about getting a photo on FB than running the race!! Peter Evans good run, well paced and 1st Chapel boy home. Eds very solid running and looked strong good effort, Ronnie you surprised me, I thought you weren’t trying but in fact you were pacing the race, superb 2nd half loads of places made up, well done. Thomas, Billie, Jacob competitive, well done boys tough conditions.


U17 boys - You dirty boys!! I didn’t see your race so race report from Freya. I’m told you gave up counting how many times you fell over in the mud. Just finishing as an achievement today. Spikes on order boys? Dirty pics attached.


Senior Ladies - Highlight of my day as the heavens opened up and our tremendous trio hung in there in torrential rain. I got soaked under that tree!! Verity Horner, Laura Phillips and Sarah Evans we salute you!! Mums with attitude!! Thought Verity was going to chin me at the finish!!


Senior Men - Alex Evans superb run, could not catch you this week. Andy Milchard strong, Alan Youp in spikes is a sight to behold!! Matt Evans fast finish, Jack Richards such an improvement from Bournemouth!! As for me I was weighed down by my Mo!! Great weather for cross country!!


Loads of other Chapel kids in attendance in club colours please add your pics, well done everyone!! See you next time.




The coaches have been busy this summer!


2Keith Graetz completed Outlaw (an Ironman distance event), Martin Blount completed the Ironman 70.3 in Vichy, followed by Martin Horner and Stuart Reece completing the full ironman the following day. Ceri Reece and Anna Wilby-Lopez completed the Ironman 70.3 in Weymouth.


Martin H reported... Having done 2 x 70.3 triathlons I thought it was time to get the monkey off my shoulder and join the likes of Rob H / Keith G / Martin B & Andy B so summer 2018 became all about IM Vichy.  I did a 70.3 in the June to ensure my training was on track and to get some race practise before heading off to France with the Reece's /  Blount's / Youp's and Verity H at the end of Aug.  Watching Mary / Verity / Martin and Allan do the 70.3 on the Saturday was a great way to calm the nerves before Stuart R and I headed off to the start line early Sunday Morning.


What a amazing day out, having forgotten to start my watch for the swim I had no idea on the cumulative time so was very happy when I looked up at the finish line to see 10hrs 40mins.  The day wasn't without its faults however - I lost my bike in transition,  after everything I told T2 !!


Remember "Anything Is Possible"




Chapel Tri Club go to the Inter Regional Championships (IRC)


Chapel Tri took a total of 14 Athletes from the Club to the I.R.C. and U20’s Festival. The older Youth Athletes participated in the U20’s Festival. They were Iszy Hinkley, Liam Budd, Bertie Pettit, Oli Birch and Ryan Symington. For those who are not aware, Triathlon England is divided into 13 Regions and our Region is South Central. It is the middle band of England stretching up to Milton Keynes. The top 4 kids who finish high in the South Central Series from T2 & T3, are selected to compete for South Central at the IRC.


The Manager for the IRC. Team is our Club Chairman Gary Cooper who had great success last year in actually winning the competition.


Once again it was up at Mallory Park in Leicestershire. The Team stayed at the luxurious Bosworth Hall Hotel. Out of the 16 T2 & T3 kids that went, Chapel Tri Club had 9 Athletes taking part.(remember, we had 5 more older Chapel Athletes, Iszy, Liam, Bertie, Oli and Ryan but they were in the U20’s Festival race at the same venue. They also performed very well in a tough, high standard race).


It was two days of racing. Saturday was the Team event, with the T2 Girls being, Lucy, Melissa and Annie. T2 Boys were George and Patrick. The T3 Girl was, Madeline, and the T3 Boys were Eddie and Felix. As stated, last year we won this, but we had a few issues this year and just missed out on a Podium position. We were 4th. Narrowly missing out on a 3rd place podium. We did have a podium position for one T2 Girl; Excellent news for Lucy Philips who’s powerful run leg grabbed her a Gold medal. Fantastic, and well done Lucy to be the T2 Champ.


Back to the Hotel, discussions, tactics, repairs and motivation for the Sundays Relay Team Event, was well worth the time we spent doing this, as our dream to get a medal became a reality. Extra Relay Team members were added to the Team and from Chapel, Conor played a vital role. The whole Team gave it their all, and more. An agonising wait for the Results as they announced from the 13 Regions downwards! That’s it, we done it and won Gold. The very first IRC. Relays to be held and South Central won the Gold. Extremely proud moment for all the Chapel Athletes. It was a long drive home, but a very happy one.

The Development Squad


The Development Squad are a small group of Chapel kids that usually train on the field at Hamble school, mainly because they are limited with time. What the squad lacks in time they make up for with endless enthusiasm.


The past two weeks they have ventured into Royal Victoria Country Park to train. So on 10th February they did a run session and, with the support of 4 parents, they ran from the police training ground to the shoreline, where they took on some hill training. They dug deep to battle the wind and rain and conquer the challenge. Of course no hill session would be complete without taking on the parents and coaches in an uphill game of tag!

The weather was much kinder when last Saturday the squad took their bikes into Royal Victoria Country Park. On the school field, with it's stray tennis or hockey balls, the squad needs to be alert too, so dogs and pedestrians helped improve some bike handling skills. It was good for them to experience different surfaces and be exposed to different 'ride experiences'. Of course they rose to the challenge of a  zigzag hill to show off what they'd learnt about use of gears and control,  their increased confidence evident on their faces each time they tackled it.


So ending the session with a mixture of mud and boardwalk cycling proved fun, well the squeals heard behind were squeals of delight I'm sure!

I think everyone was feeling proud of themselves when they raced back into the car park, especially Michelle who was grateful she had managed to stay upright and not face plant into the mud! (It was touch and go in places!)



Riding on Public Roads


Our un-coached cycle rides on a Saturday afternoon for the older triathletes are very popular. Not surprisingly, younger members of the club are keen to take part, but a report from the lead rider from a recent ride is a cautionary tale and shows why the club insists that the rides are solely for the older groups, and only when they have the requisite skills and maturity necessary to deal with the hazards of the public road.


Read the full report here.

Chapel at the Hampshire Cross Country Championships


On Saturday 7th January a number of the club athletes took part in the Hampshire Cross Country Championships at Fairthorne Manor.


Despite a lack of rain, the course was such that it would please the traditionalists with the ground being heavy, boggy and wet underfoot.


The first race of the day was the U11 boys, which saw Patrick Atkinson, George Lambert, Miles Horner, William Blount and Conor Orchard take the field. They all performed well and despite Patrick running a great race and clocking 7:08 over the 2.150k course it was not quite fast enough to win the day and he finished in 6th position.


Taking the field next was the hotly contested U11 girls race. Taking the field for Chapel was Annie Mann, Lucy Phillips, Katie Youp, Melissa Cooper, Gabriella Burton and Ava Mann. This was only ever going to be a two horse race, and Annie and Lucy battled each other round the course for a thrilling race, however Annie managed to hold on to win the title. Given the quality that Chapel have in this age group it was no surprise that Annie, Lucy and Katie also took the team title.


In the U13 Boys we had Felix Clay out representing chapel who finished in 34 place.


Out in the U13 girls was previous age group Hampshire Champion Madeline Cooper who was a top 10 finisher, followed by Freya in 35th and Grace in 45th place.


In the U15 girls Nicole Ainsworth was our best placed finisher in 3rd. She still has another year to run in the age group so this was a very impressive performance by her and continued her rich vain of form.


Not to be outdone on the day were fellow parents and coaches Keith Spears and Claire Powell who managed a very respectable 15th and 9th in their respective age groups.


Well done all and a good set up to the Tri season.

World Biathle Championships - Florida


This October, our very own Liam Budd went to the World Biathle Championships in Florida.


Liam's Mum Charlotte said "Our trip to Florida was amazing, we both had a great time.  We didn't expect Liam to qualify being on the bottom end of the age group this year so it was just about the experience. The British Team were great and they did a great job of keeping us informed when the Americans kept changing things all the time.  Liam was well looked after by the Coaching team as well, one Coach from the North West Biathle hub took him under his wing and gave him lots of help and advice on the day which I was very grateful for."


All the coaches, athletes and parents are proud of Liam and we are sure this is a name we have to look out for in the future.


Well done Liam!!

Meeting Jonny Brownlee


Edward (T3) and Ruby Smyth (T1) and Conner Orchard (T2) where kindly invited to Nick and Harry Carters Absolute Running shop in Gosport last Monday to meet Jonny Brownlee, who had earlier been doing some work at Portsmouth University.


When Jonny walked through the door the children where gob smacked to see one of their Tri heros! Wow! Wow! Wow!


These three Chapel Tri club members where able to talk about their training and sport in general, with some sound advise to enjoy lots of sports from Jonny Brownlee.


All three of them enjoyed this time and had their photo taken with Jonny giving them a signed picture!


I think us Chapel Mums ( Kate and Claire) where enjoying our moment and photo with Jonny more than the children!  Not often does this happen in Gosport!

Cycle For Felix

The Cycle for Felix event was a Tour of the Meon Valley with riders having a choice of 25, 50, or 100 miles to choose from. Those that thought 25 miles was going to be easy, were in for a shock as it was hilly from the very start!! So whether you did the 25, 50 or the 100, you were all remarkable. A tough course with beautiful views – once you got to the top of the hill!!!


There were some great comments from our Coaches and Parent helpers which I'd like to share with you...


Martin Blount –Lead Coach Grp3“A great day. A fabulous start as Felix led us all out in his GB strip. To cycle over 50 miles and climb almost 1,000 metres is a very impressive effort. Well done everybody. I was very proud of the attitude shown and achievement of you all.”


Mike Nichols – Cycling Coach “I am truly amazed and proud of what the children accomplished.


We must remember that a year ago the majority of the children were either still in Group 2 or weren't even a member of the club and had never been out on the road for any real distance riding in tight groups.  Even those who were in Group 3 last year, only did short road rides and there were times when they raised the heart rate of the adults/coaches riding with them with some of their road awareness skills.


To put into perspective of what the children accomplished, my Garmin recorded a distance of 52.9 miles with 1,100m of climbing.  Even the ones from Group 1 and Group 2, who did the 25 mile route, covered over 25 miles with 600m of climbing.


I didn't see the other groups finish but if you all were like my group  I am sure you were a great advert for the Sportive and Chapel Tri.  Their work rate, road awareness and encouragement between them was first class.  Just seeing the look on other adults faces as a group of 12/13 year olds went flying past them on the hills was brilliant.


On the subject of my group, myself and the adults, Sarah, Claire, Mark, Ian and Stuart would like to thank you all (Hayden - who went past me in the perfect time trial position along the ridge of old Winchester Hill, Edward - Who seemed determined to smash every Strava record of his dad in the descents, not difficult in the climbs, Tomas - who discovered the rewards of eating and showed great road awareness, Etienne - who worked hard and didn't give in even when he'd climbed an 11% gradient in the big chain ring and finally Ben - who didn't complain about his bike and could teach Keith G a few lessons with his climbing ability) for getting us back to Wickham before it rained.


Thank you to the parents who turned up to ride with the children plus past coaches/parents (Bruce and Steve).


Finally, to Stuart.  The course was amazing.  Well sign posted, well Marshalled, a real joy to ride and one I will be repeating over the coming months.  Maybe the 100 mile route next year!!!"



Tom North –  “Writing as one of the parents who cycled round today I can only echo everyone's comments. Being led out by Felix was just the motivation we needed to complete the course, his determination in climbing the first hill was amazing. The children who cycled the course were inspirational and I just hope next time I don't get overtaken by so many!! By the way Olly I still haven't forgiven you for making me climb the hills more than once!!”


Michelle Simpson “Amazing - that describes  all of the children and adults taking part. Thank you also to all the adults that supported Chloe as Andy was unable to ride due to work. These children are amazing but without the support and inspiration of the coaches they wouldn't achieve such amazing things - so thank you!!”


Steve Cripps “I rode with one of the "Chapel 50" groups who were an absolute pleasure to be with. They behaved impeccably and rode courteously. There was no real complaining (although the impending climb of Old Winchester Hill did get a few comments!). They even managed to stay upright (unlike the adults). They were, and are, a credit to the Club and to cycling in general, Well done all!"




A lot of thanks have already gone out to the marshals and other volunteers and I’d like to add my own thanks to all of them without whom the event would not have been possible. An equal measure of thanks and a massive "well done” must go to Stuart, Frank, Ged and the crew for the way the event was organised. It was so professionally laid on, it was hard to believe that it was the first!


It was great to see Felix back on a bike and leading out his friends at Chapel. He’s an inspiration to us all!


 Gary Cooper - Chairman Chapel Tri

Swim For Felix

Through hard work by the Organisers, the Host Club PNSC for the Venue and Facilities, Officiating Judges, Team Managers and the support from local Swim Clubs, the SwimforFelix went ahead as scheduled. What a terrific turnout by all. An estimated 230 swimmers with 7 Swim Clubs taking part. PNSC, Chapel Tri, Hamble Aquatics, Winchester Penguins, Eastleigh Swim Club, Fareham Nomads and Southampton Dolphins. Although it was a fun, fundraising Gala, it turned out to be very competitive. A beautiful Shield was at stake for the winners of the Gala, which went to PNSC A. Well deserved winners. But you are all winners really as you supported the main objective, the FitforFelix Fund. Thank you to all who supported this event.

Biathle is strong at Chapel

Biathle is another string within the Triathlon sport. It is a very fast Run-Swim-Run discipline, continuous! The Swim part is mostly done in Open Water or in the Sea!


It all started for Chapel with a young 9yr old Triathlete, Madeline Cooper, who qualified and went onto represent Great Britain in the World Biathle Championships in Cyprus!


We have 10 Triathletes who compete in Biathle within the Club, and now a Mum has joined in! Emily and Ciara Blount are old hands when it comes to Biathle, but mum Mary wanted in on the action and competed in Salford with the girls, only to have a great race and qualify for the World Biathle Championships, Batumi in Georgia, Russia! So the 3 girls are off to represent G.B. in the World Championships, in October. Fantastic family achievement! Nearly a full house for the Blount children.


Also qualified and going to Georgia is Ben Nealon and Robert Croager.


Last month we had competing for G.B. Melissa Cooper, Charlie Cooper and once again, Emily Blount racing in Portugal at the European World Tour Biathle where Charlie came back with a well deserved 3rd place.


Let’s wish those who are going to Georgia, the very best of luck.

Saturday Park Run


As many of you know parkrun takes place every Saturday, it's a free 5k timed run at many locations across the country including Fleming Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton Common and Brockenhurst college.


 From Sunday 24th November there is a new parkrun coming to Southampton for juniors aged 4-14. This will take place every Sunday at 9am at Riverside Park in Southampton. Again it's a free timed run, but will be run over a 2k course which is very flat.


 The organisers need 2 things to make this a success:


1. Children to take part (this is the easy bit)


2. Lots of volunteers to make it a safe and fun activity for the children (the course requires 7-8 marshalls).


 If you would like your children to take part or are able to give up some time on a Sunday morning to volunteer from around 845 to 930 please get in touch either with me or

Saturday 25th July 2015



Another stunning location in the Castle Triathlon Series, this beautiful location has been seen in various films, including Brideshead Revisited.


Congratulations to all who took part in the event it was a very good showing from Chapel with Barney and Felix Clancy, Oliver Mcphail and Adam & Laura Harrison Smith competing.  Nearly 400 children took part in the event ranging from T1 to T3.


The event was run in wonderful weather which complemented the superb course. The transition area was located in front of the main building with the ground sloping away down to the lake.  The swim conditions were very good with wetsuits mandatory.  The transition from the swim was around 500m uphill which was a challenging warm up to the bike leg.


The Bike leg used all the rolling features of the estate, no killer hill but challenging none the less.


The run was over similar terrain with some care needed on the steep descents.


As an event it was well organized with a really nice and friendly atmosphere.