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The club was formed in the early part of 1999 and was the first Triathlon club in the country specialising in the training and coaching of children and is now one of the biggest.  It was setup to provide the opportunity for children aged 8 years and beyond, regardless of ability, to improve their own individual fitness across the three disciplines of Triathlon. We believe this original goal has been kept and has now led to the formation of an older group catering for young adults up to 18.


We pride ourselves on being a ‘friendly’ club and emphasis the fun element with plenty of different activities amounting to stealth training! We always encourage children to try their hardest and get out of their comfort zone, but the sense of achievement at the end of a session is very noticeable.

All the coaches are parents who get tremendous satisfaction from watching their child’s development through the age groups and cheering them on at the numerous events through the season.


We do have rules and protocols and emphasis respect for coaches and fellow triathletes.  But more about that when you join.


Our current membership is around 135.  We currently have a waiting list and would be happy to add you to it. It is reviewed on a regular basis.  We believe that being a triathlete takes commitment and hard work, whatever your level and naturally there will come a time when either you want to concentrate on an individual sport or just want to try something else. Hopefully you would leave having improved your fitness and made some new friends.


Please look around the website and see what we get up to, and if you’re interested come down and visit us.  We would love to see you.


Event calendar

About our coaches

We have a total of 17 coaches across all disciplines. Click on the names below to read a little more about them.

Vanessa Barrow

Ricky Biles

Martin Blount

Phil Clacy

Gary Cooper

Robert Hinkley

Paula Johnson

Vanessa Barrow


I have been a parent helper at the club for 18 months and following qualifying as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor in April 2014 started working with the T4 group - improving their core stability, strength & stretching.  I am passionate about fitness & motivating others to get fit, currently I am teach HIIT & Kettlebell classes in the local community, as a family we are mad on cycling, running & swimming so Chapel Tri is a must for us!

Ricky Biles


I am a level 2 swimming coach and a level 1 swimming teacher and I have been at the club now for 8 years. My reasons for joining and getting involved was that my youngest daughter ,Stevey-May-Biles, trained and competed in triathlon for Chapel Tri. I keep very fit and compete in XT (cross-training) completions all over the country. I have every admiration for all the children that train and compete  for Chapel Tri and for all the hours the parents, parent helpers and coaches put into this amazing club .

Martin Blount


Martin has been involved with the club since his children started in 2009. He is a level 2 triathlon coach and has a wide experience of the various triathlon and triathlon-related events the children can participate in. He is a keen cyclist and, along with a number of other Chapel coaches, enjoys the annual challenge of a trip to the Alps.


Phil Clacy


Just an average Dad who became interested in triathlon through his 2 keen sons and subsequently became a level 1 tri coach. Both boys remain enthusiastic about the sport and appreciate the social element and friendly Club atmosphere at Chapel Tri. I struggle to keep up with either of them in the pool, on the bike or on the run now but continue to enjoy helping out the more senior coaches whenever I can to encourage more budding young athletes.

Gary Cooper


Gary is currently in his 2nd year as Club Chairman and has been with the Club for 3 years. It was through his 3 children who are all Triathletes, that Gary became involved in Triathlon. Gary is also a Level 2 Triathlon Coach. He describes his Role and position as, Chairman, Coach and Father to 3 Triathletes, demanding but very rewarding.


Robert Hinkley


Robert has been part of Chapel since 2011 , his Daughter joined at the age of 9yrs . He is a Level 1 triathlon coach and is a committee member. As with most coaches at Chapel Robert comes from a sporting back-ground , for over 15yrs competing at national/international level playing " Under-water Hockey " and is a keen participant in cycling, run and swim . Chapel is a" Hidden Gem" .... it has vast Experience and Knowledge within the Club to teach children the 3 Disciplines of Triathlon , the Fun element and catering for all Abilities is the Key!

Paula Johnson - Group 1 trainee coach


Paula has been involved with the club since her children started in 2013. She is currently a parent helper, however, she will soon be attending her level 1 triathlon coach training.  Paula is a keen runner and cyclist and, has recently also taken up swimming. She is entering her first 1/2 marathon in April and competing in her first triathlon in May!


Morris Mcphail

Mike Nichols

Colette Nugent

Julia Park

Clair Powell

Keith Spiers

Morris Mcphail - Group 1 lead coach & development officer


I have been involved with the club for around 4 years now.  When both my children joined.

After running around like mad in the services I thought I would put these skills to uses as a coach.

I am a level 2 Triathlon coach and currently I coach the Tristart when they first arrive at the club up till age 11. This is the most rewarding part of the role watching children with enthusiasm master the skills needed for the Triathlon

Mike Nichols


Martin has been involved with the club since his children started in 2009. He is a level 2 triathlon coach and has a wide experience of the various triathlon and triathlon-related events the children can participate in. He is a keen cyclist and, along with a number of other Chapel coaches, enjoys the annual challenge of a trip to the Alps.


Colette Nugent


Having been a competitive swimmer as a child I always loved to swim and after my children started swimming competitively I was encouraged to get involved with teaching and coaching.

 I am now a qualified level 2 swimming teacher and a level 1 coach, enabling me to coach at 2 local swimming clubs and teach schools in Southampton.  I have also recently achieved my NPLQ which makes me a lifeguard too. Although I love swimming and I’m quite keen on cycling, I cannot run to save my life, so actually doing a triathlon myself is never going to happen!  I’m in awe of all of Chapel’s amazing children who can.

Julia Park


I really enjoy helping with the T1 children and am always impressed by their effort, energy and enthusiasm. I have always been a runner but found my real passion for running when I lived in North Wales and ran for Eryri Harriers in Llanberis. I am still a keen trail runner, regularly running on the South Downs and also try to spend as much time as I can running up in Scotland. I live in Titchfield with my husband Stephen, daughter Grace and Bonnie, the dog.


Clair Powell


Claire has been at the Club for some time now and is our Welfare Officer. Claire is also a keen Triathlete herself and has just qualified for G.B Age Group for Triathlon. Claire has 3 children, 2 of which at also at the Club.

Keith Spiers


I have been at the club for 9 years when my son joined and then later on, my daughter. I have helped coach the children across all the ages but I’m currently concentrating on Group 3. My specialism is running as I complete regularly in local races but don’t ask me to swim!

I’m passionate about the club, ensuring that’s it open to children of all abilities and I get a real buzz when I can see them progressing in fitness and skill.

Find out more about Chapel Tri


Club Membership


The Chapel Tri Committee


Our 'Code of Conduct'




Our coaches


We have three training sessions every week. The main session on Saturday afternoon, which has coaching sets for all 3 disciplines. Tuesday night (under review) and Wednesday evenings.


Training takes place at either Hamble Community Sports College, Satchell Lane Hamble or at the Hampshire Police Training HQ, Hamble Lane, Hamble.


You will need to bring the following :-


Run - Trainers, shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit, suitable clothing for colder weather and most important, a drink!


Bike - as above plus helmet (you will not be able to train without one) and bike


Swim - Costume/trunks/Trisuit, towel, goggles, pool bouy, kickboard, fins & cap (club can supply a cap at a cost of £3.00)

Club Membership

First of all, don't be scared.  The club was founded on a spirit of inclusion and this is still our primary aim.  Members range widely in both abilities and ages, but training sessions are always structured to ensure everyone has fun and can do as much or as little as they are able.  The club is all about giving the members an experience that will make them want to continue into their adult life.


Secondly, you don't have to commit straight away.  If you think you might be interested in joining, or would just like to come along and find out what it is all about that is fine.  You are welcome to come to up to 2 training sessions before you need to sign up.


If and when you do decide to join us, please contact us from the link below.

Basic Training

Basic training includes a Saturday running and bike session at Hamble Police HQ plus a swimming session at Hamble School.

Full training

Full training includes a Saturday running and bike session at Hamble Police HQ plus a swimming session at Hamble School.  In addition there is also a swimming session at Hamble School on Wednesday evening*


*Please Note: Wednesday Evening Swim only. Due to the current popularity and with the probability that Triathlon is the World's fastest growing sport, at the moment, for new members starting, we can offer a run session, with the intention to get you swimming asap. We will continue to work within the Club and Hamble School, to try and achieve this.

Turbo Training

From September to April we also offer Turbo Training on Tuesday nights for £2 per session at Hamble Sports College. We have a Turbo trainers available to lend out if you would like to take part.

Welcome pack

Everyone joining will receive

 a welcome pack containing




Membership fees

Joining fee - £20


Monthly fee - basic training - £20


Monthly fee - full training  - £25


25% discount for sibling members or £5 for one only.

Club membership

Do you want to join a friendly, forward thinking club with excellent training, competition opportunities?


Due to British Triathlon restrictions, we are unable to take children younger than 8 years of age (the child must be 8 years of age in the current year).

The waiting list is now open!




Email address


Gary Cooper

Vice Chairman

Lee Reynolds


Keith Spiers

Membership Secretary

Emma McPhail


Emma McPhail

Welfare Officer

Claire Powell

Development Officer

Morris McPhail

Head Coach

Morris McPhail

IT Manager

Alex Johnson


Web Co-ordinator

Damian Murray

Kit Managers

Ceri Reece & Charlotte Graetz

Code of conduct

Data Protection Policy

This policy explains how the club uses any personal information for you and your child that is held by the club. The information is held with your consent and you can exercise your rights on that data at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer, Stuart Reece (


What information is collected about you and your child/children?

When new members join the club, or as part of an annual enrolment, the club requests your personal data (name, main and secondary contact details), and relevant details about your child/children that are members of the club (name, date of birth, gender and British Triathlon membership). Relevant health data is is also requested (medical conditions, disabilities, allergies, the child’s/children’s doctor and doctor’s address), and any incidents are logged.


When your child/children participate in club competitions, the club might also collect that publicly available information at the events to keep records of achievement and celebrate their success.


The data provided by you is kept on a register of club members, with access restricted to the relevant club officials as required in the course of their work within the club.


How is that information used?

The data is used by the club and coaching staff in order to effectively and safely plan and deliver appropriate training sessions, where the safeguarding and welfare of the children within the club is paramount.


The contact details you provide are used for communication with you, such as providing information about the weekly club training, and to contact you in the event of an accident or emergency.


No personal data is disclosed to any company or agency outside the club, unless the club is required to do so by law.


How long is the data retained for?

This data is held with your consent for as long as your child/children are members of the club. This consent will be asked for annually by the club via the membership enrolment form, in order to keep the data accurate and to delete anything that is no longer required.


Your rights

As this is the personal data of you and your child/children, you have rights over it, such as a right of access, rectification, erasure, etc. (see for full details). If you have any questions or want to exercise your rights please contact the club’s Data Protection Officer, Stuart Reece, or any committee member.